Please practice basic hygiene for our time together, such as showering, wearing deodorant, and trimming excessive body hair. You're welcome to use my shower upon arrival if needed. When you feel fresh, you feel better about yourself, and enjoy physical delights more.

If I'm visiting you, please set the mood before I arrive with a clean and inviting space. Have fresh towels and bedding, dim lights, soft music. This will help us both unwind! If you smoke cigarettes or cigars or vape, kindly do so outdoors.


Discretion is of utmost importance to me. If you arrive early, please don't wander around the area or ask strangers about me. Instead, wait in your car for meeting directions. If I'm visiting you, be ready to provide a complete address of your hotel or residence and any details I may need regarding building access. An attempt to deceive me, such as giving me the wrong apartment or building number, will be considered a threat to my safety, and I will cancel the appointment with no refund.

If there is another person present on our date that we did not mutually agree upon, our date will be cancelled immediately with no refund. This includes other models or your significant other, friends, family, employees and colleagues - our time together is between us only. Private drivers and pilots are not included.

I dress chic for public appearances. Wardrobe requests unsuitable for public can only be worn in private. If our date is over 2 hours and there is something you'd like me to wear that I don't already own, you're welcome to send me a gift on LuxyList or WishTender or send a digital gift card for me to purchase it to wear for you, unless you prefer to bring it with you to present to me in private. I can send sizing information once our date is confirmed. I do not accept clothing that is not new with tags attached.

If I'm visiting you, I reserve the right to check for recording devices. If you have security cameras inside your location, they must be turned off to respect my privacy. I'll know if they are left on.


I devote my time to kind and respectful people who love to laugh and reminisce! I love to eat and am happy to plan a delicious date! Understanding expectations beforehand allows us enjoy one another in a comfortable environment.


Anything that occurs on our date is mutually agreed upon between two consenting adults.

Please be on time. I offer a 10 minute grace period. Arriving any later will count towards our time together. Our date begins when we meet.

Donation is required immediately upon meeting. If we meet in public, keep my donation somewhere discreet such as a book or greeting card in a gift bag or tote bag. If you're visiting me, please place my donation in clear view upon arrival. ​

Refusal to follow my safety protocols (i.e., attempts to deceive me) or disrespectful behavior will result in an end to our communications.

Please notify me before using me as a reference. I am only open to being a reference for you if I have seen you two or more times within the past year. If you are not a current client, I cannot provide a reference for you.

You may assume that seeing me regularly allows you access with less limitations, but the length of our relationship does not affect my expectations, rates, and policies. If you're interested in talking between dates, tips are accepted in return. If you'd like to have more time and less restrictions, we can discuss terms for a monthly arrangement.

Violating my privacy by filming me during our date is a felony in the US. If you film me, you will be reported to the police. Photographing, filming or recording me or going through my things without my consent will terminate our date with no refund provided and you will be reported.

If we run into each other out in our everyday lives, let's respect each other's privacy. Do not approach me, heckle me, approach whoever is with me, etc. Unless we have an arrangement and mutually agreed to become acquainted with friend(s) and colleague(s), our relationship is meant to stay between us. I will always respect your privacy.

​I have a NRP (No Review Policy). I don’t participate in review practices & culture because the details of what I consent to and create with someone in private is never to be shared publicly. It is an invasion of my privacy, a violation of our agreement, and can put me in danger.

There is a personal life boundary where we do not engage beyond planning a date and compensated time together.